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You can make a reservation on this site or by phone.

When making a reservation by phone, please tell us the required date, customer contact information and other necessary information.
Reception time by phone 9:00 - 20:30

ONLINE BOOKING 24 hours reception
0120-40-4092 Reception hours /
9:00 - 20:30 Open all year round


We will pick you up from Naha Airport for free.


Reception and rental procedures will be carried out at the Good Speed ​​Rent-A-Car Office.

We will exchange the "rental contract".
Please check the current scratches and defects of the rental car with the staff.
If you are accompanied by a child under 5 years old, please wear a child seat.
Then you can leave immediately. (Approximately 15 minutes from pick-up to car rental departure!)


Please return it to the sales office within the reserved time.

  • Please be sure to return the rental car with full fuel.Please refuel at the nearest gas station before returning.If you can not return the tank full, we will settle at the rate set by our company (40 yen per 1 km traveled).(Fractions less than 1km will be rounded up)
  • If you wish to extend the contract period, please contact the departure store in advance.(Please note that if you exceed the limit without contacting us, you will be required to pay a separately determined penalty.)
  • Once you arrive at the store, the store staff will check the rental car status (whether there are any scratches, defects, etc.) and then settle the charges such as overtime.
  • We will pick you up from the store to Naha Airport free of charge (about 5 minutes). Please tell us.

Please be careful not to miss the bus

Please come to the parking lot at least 1 hour before the flight departure time.
We will not be responsible if you arrive at the store less than 1 hour before the flight departure time and you are not in time for the flight.

Reservation period

from when?

It is possible to book from the next day.You cannot make reservations from the site for the day and the day after that.
We accept by phone. Please contact us (0120-40-4092

Until when?

You can make reservations for rental cars by the end of 5 months.

How long?

You can book for up to 60 days.

Car reservations that cannot be accepted from the site are accepted by phone.


Can't book from this site

  • Reservation for renting a rental car on the same day and the next day
  • Reservations to rent a car after the last day of 3 months
  • Long-term car rental reservation of 60 days or more

For details, please contact us by phone.Please feel free to contact us.

Payment method

Please pay the usage fee in advance before departure.
You can use "cash" or the following "various credit cards" as the payment method .

[ Available credit cards and electronic money ]
  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • JCB
  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • 銀聯
  • 楽天Edy
*The above cards may not be available due to circumstances. Please note.


Coverage and limit

In the unlikely event of an accident, you will be covered within the following compensation limit.

Interpersonal compensation Unlimited per person (including liability insurance)
Objective compensation Unlimited per accident (disclaimer 50,000 yen)
Vehicle compensation Maximum vehicle price per accident (50,000 yen per accident)
Other incidentals Attorney fees/excessive object repair costs
Personal injury compensation Up to 30 million yen per person *1

Exemption compensation system (optional subscription)

Disclaimer compensation fee :1,000 yen (excluding tax) / 1 day
If you join this system, you will be exempted from paying the above exemption amount.

Customer's burden in the event of an accident
Please be aware that this particular insurance comes with a deductible cost.
・ Object: 50,000 yen
・ Vehicle: 50,000 yen
If you join the exemption compensation system (voluntary enrollment), you will be exempt from the deductible amount.

Damage that exceeds the amount covered by insurance

You will be responsible for any damages incurred that exceed the amount covered by insurance, or damages incurred if the insurance is not paid.
Example: In case of personal injury, damages in excess of 30 million yen, insurance benefits such as drunk driving

Non-operation charge (NOC)

If an accident, theft, breakdown, damage, etc. occurs in your rental car, and the vehicle needs to be repaired or cleaned as a result, the following amount will be charged as business compensation.(Please note that this is different from the liability exemption compensation system.)

・If you rent a car and return it to the originally planned store:20,000 yen (tax exempt)
・If you cannot rent a car and return to the originally planned store:50,000 yen (tax exempt)
* If you can drive but are not returned to the originally planned store (left on the street, etc.), 50,000 yen (tax exempt) will be charged.

Wide liability exemption compensation system (optional subscription)

If you subscribe to the wide liability exemption compensation system, your burden will be waived even if a NOC occurs.

Disclaimer compensation fee : 600 yen ~ (excluding tax) / 1 day
*To apply for the wide liability exemption compensation system, you will need to join the liability exemption compensation system.

Insurance non-application example

In the case of an accident in the following driving conditions or conditions, insurance will not be applied and the customer will be responsible for the full amount.

  • If you did not report the accident to the police (if you do not have an accident proof)
  • Accidents caused by delaying the borrowing period without our permission
  • Accidents during unlicensed driving
  • In the case of an accident by someone other than the contractor (contractor)
  • In the case of an accident caused by not wearing a seat belt while driving
  • Accident due to drunk driving
  • In case of out-of-court Settlement
  • Damage caused by vehicle theft
  • Accidents when riding over capacity
  • Failure due to incorrect operation
  • When a rental car, signboard, fence, etc. is damaged on the store premises (parking space, etc.)
  • Damage to equipment in the car
  • Tire damage, puncture, loss or damage to wheel caps
  • Accident/damage when used in violation of the terms of our rental agreement
  • In the case of a damage accident (including vehicle theft, etc.) due to deficiency in vehicle management
    Ex.) When the key is left in the vehicle and stolen, etc.
  • When an accident is caused by a traffic violation
    Ex.) Speeding, ignoring traffic lights, violating suspension, entering in directions other than the designated
  • Accidents and vehicle damage when they are found malicious or intentional

About reservation change/cancellation

If you change or cancel your rental car reservation, please complete the procedure as soon as possible.
If you cancel your reservation, a cancellation fee will be charged depending on the number of days.
Please note that if the rental car rental contract is not concluded within 1 hour after the scheduled departure time, the reservation will be canceled and a cancellation fee will be charged.

Modification method

Please contact me by phone.TEL/0120-40-4092

Depending on the date and time, it may not be possible to change as desired.Please note.
Depending on the number of days until the rental car rental date, a cancellation fee will be incurred at the same rate as the ratio of the reservation cancellation fee (cancellation fee) to the difference in number of days.

Cancellation method

To cancel your rental car reservation, please do the following

Please contact me by phone.TEL/0120-40-4092

*Please note that if you do not contact us within 1 hour after the scheduled departure time, your reservation will be canceled.

If you cancel your reservation, the following cancellation fee will be charged.

7 days before boarding date free
6 to 3 days before boarding date 20% of planned basic charge
2 to 1 days before boarding date 30% of planned basic charge
Boarding days and past boarding days 50% of planned basic charge

* Scheduled cancellation fee (cancellation fee) is limited to 5,000 yen (excluding tax).

In case of accident or breakdown

In case of accident or breakdownIn the unlikely event of an accident or breakdown

  • If anyone is injured, prioritize first aid first and at the same time call the fire department and the police.
  • Please be sure to contact and report to the police even if the property is lost.
  • Please move your rental car to a safe place where it will not interfere with traffic.
  • Please contact us. We will instruct you on the correspondence.
  • If you need a tow truck, please contact JAF.
  • If you need an emergency response but cannot contact us at night, please contact JAF.
    *All of our rental cars have JAF road service.

JAF Road Service Rescue Call

#8139(You can also call from your mobile phone. If you can not connect for any reason, please contact the following)

When you visit us

What to bring

Driver's licenses for all drivers (copy required) ETC card as required

Usage fee

Please pay the usage fee at the timing (prepayment) before renting.
We accept cash and various credit cards .

When the vehicle is stolen or vandalized

In the unlikely event that the vehicle is stolen or damaged on the vehicle

  • If there is an injured person, call for rescue and fire/police.
  • Contact the police. Please make a notification.
  • Contact us. We will instruct you on what to do after that.
  • If you need a tow truck, please contact JAF.
  • If you need an emergency response but cannot contact us at night, please contact JAF.
    *All of our rental cars have JAF road service.

JAF Road Service Rescue Call

#8139(You can also call from your mobile phone. If you can not connect for any reason, please contact the following)

About transfer

Free transportation at Naha Airport!

We offer free transfer to Okinawa and Naha Airport.It will take 5 minutes from the airport to our store.
Please call when you receive your luggage after arrival.
Phone number:0120-40-4092
We will pick you up as soon as we can tell you where to wait.
* Information on pick-up car landing
( it is convenient to print out and bring it )

About shuttle car

We will pick you up with a shuttle car like the one in the photo.

Drop off

As a general rule, we request delivery at the sales office.

Regarding traveling with pets

Notes on riding with pets

  • Type: dog/cat only
  • Size: 70 cm x 90 cm x 75 cm size that fits in a cage. ( the maximum size of the cage that can be brought in the car is this size )
  • Weight: up to 10kg

Boarding conditions (It is a condition of boarding that you support us)

  • When making a reservation for a rental car, please inform us that you are traveling with a pet (enter on the site).
  • In the car, please keep your pet in the cage (the cage must be prepared by the customer).
  • Place the cage in the luggage space, not in the seat.
  • Please be sure to put a leisure sheet under the cage (Leisure sheet is sold at the store for 500 yen (excluding tax) / 1 sheet).
  • Please confirm the "Agreement" and sign it.

If one of the above cannot be accommodated, please refrain from riding a pet.
NOC support: If the vehicle needs repair or maintenance due to significant odor, stain, damage, etc., please pay the NOC.
*However, assistance dogs (care dogs, guide dogs, etc.) are not subject to the above rules (individual correspondence).

About child seats

junior seat

Graco Junior Plus Metropolitan
Applica Children's Products Co., Ltd.


Shoulder belt adjustment clip, armrest cover
[Material]Seat:Polyester,knit Body:Resin (polypropylene)
[Target]3 to 12 years old

Detailed information

  • Weight 3.6 Kg
  • Dimensions 40 x 40 x 82 cm
  • Gender unisex
  • Recommended minimum weight 15 Kg
  • Maximum recommended weight 35.8 Kg
  • Recommended height 96 cm
  • Recommended maximum height 145 cm

FAA-Approved for use on aircraft certified frustration-free

Product introduction

  • Strict European safety standard compliant product
  • Uses side impact protection to prevent jumping out at the time of collision and protect the head
  • Head support uses EPS foam to absorb impact
  • Head support with 6 levels of height adjustment
  • Reclining adjustable
  • 2-step height adjustable armrest
  • Detachable back
  • With a retractable cup holder that can hold drinks
  • Washable seat

child seat

Takata takata 04-beans


[Country of manufacture]Japan
[Material]Body:Polypropylene,Cushion: Polyester
[Target]0 to 48 months

Detailed information

  • Weight 6 Kg
  • Dimensions 68 x 47 x 46 cm
  • Gender unisex
  • Maximum recommended weight 18 kg
  • Recommended maximum height 100 cm

Product introduction

The lightest model that simply summarizes the necessary functions.

  • Safety:Infant mode "excellent" and infant mode "general" were obtained in the assessment.In particular, it has been highly evaluated for its ease of installation and installation.The wrapping form protects your baby from dangerous accidents.
  • Convenience:Lightweight, easy to carry, easy for moms to install.Independent buckle is convenient for loading and unloading a baby.
  • Comfort:The breathable "fiber mold cushion" (manufactured by Nishikawa Rose Co., Ltd.) is made of the same material as the baby mattress.Supports the child's back firmly with excellent breathability and cushioning.Comfortable like sleeping in a crib.

Frequently Asked Questions

About departure

In principle, we ask those who have made reservations to visit us.If you cannot come on the day, please let us know in advance.
Regarding the rental contract, we will exchange it with the customer who visits the store.

About return

Please contact us as soon as possible.In this case, you will be charged an extension fee.
If you extend without contacting us, you will be required to pay the prescribed penalty.In addition, any unauthorized delay will be in breach of the rental contract, and any damage will be borne by the customer.Please be careful.

About member registration

Fees and payment