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Updating Instagram!

Why do people choose Good Speed ​​Rent A Car?

Good speed rent-a-car that supports your trip at a reasonable price with a carefully selected model with the concept of "Enjoy Okinawa!". There are other reasons why Good Speed ​​Rent-A-Car can be selected from the many rental cars besides "Price"!

  • Car navigation, ETC, back camera standard equipment

    Car navigation, ETC, and back camera are standard equipment at Good Speed ​​Rent-A-Car, so you can enjoy driving with confidence.

  • PayPay You can use

    Cashless payment support!You can easily pay with just one smartphone.

  • Easy departure from Naha Airport

    Realized free individual transfer with easy access, 5 minutes by car from Naha Airport.By minimizing the waiting time at the airport, you can fully enjoy your trip to Okinawa.

I want to travel with a large number of people!


RecommendedRecommended for beginners of minivans!



I want to travel with a large number of people, but I am worried about driving a large car.
The "Sienta" minivan is just right for such customers to drive easily.
Depending on the arrangement, the seats in the 2nd and 3rd rows can be loaded with plenty of luggage. Fun, more than size!

Perfect for active families!

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

RecommendedFull storage!For travel and business trips

Noah/Voxy/old-model Alphard

Noah / Voxy /
old-model Alphard

It is comfortable to ride and has plenty of storage space!
Perfect for family trips.
The maximum number of passengers is 8, and the room is spacious, so you can enjoy long drive without getting tired.

Gorgeous with the finest minivans!


RecommendedWith important people and friends.For golf and reception!


Alphard /

The finest wagon with an attractive and comfortable interior.
The Alphard has a low floor and the high ceiling.
Recommended for traveling with a large number of people such as long-distance driving and second generation families. and for golf and courtesy car.

Use the quick check-in to reduce waiting time!

Good Speed ​​Rent-A-Car offers "Quick Check-in" service, which allows you to check important items in advance and save time for explaining important items at the store, and to make a smooth departure.

グッドスピードレンタカー 看板
GOOD SPEED Rent a Car Inside the store
Good speed car rental
Good speed car rental
Good speed car rental
Good speed car rental

How to use quick check-in

  1. Click the "PDF here" button to open the PDF (for customers using a rental car).
  2. After confirming the loan details, we will print out.
  3. Please sign in the "Customer's signature field" and bring it to the store on the day of use.
グッドスピードレンタカー 看板